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Frequently Asked Questions

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Event Information


The EPF Congress 2021 will take place online in a virtual setting from the 26th to the 29th of October.

There is a live follow-up event planned to take place in Brussels in Spring 2022. Details TBD.

EPF Congress 2021 will include a wide audience of patient representatives, policy makers, health systems experts, healthcare profession representatives, academics, regulatory and HTA experts, health insurance providers and industry representatives, from Europe and beyond. This will encourage a wide diversity of thought and discussion.

Yes. While the EPF Congress 2021 in October will remain completely virtual, there is a live follow-up event planned for Spring 2022 in Brussels to continue the conversation and expand upon our learnings from October.

More news and information will follow regarding the live event.


Programme details

The theme of the EPF congress 2021 is the digital transformation of healthcare and will draw on our exploration of this area at the 2019 Congress, our engagement in Eu policies and projects focusing on digital health, and the experience of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The objectives of the Congress will be to explore patients' needs, best practices and policy solutions in different contexts, such as: the digitalisation of health and care systems, Health data for better quality and patient-relevant outcomes, Patient empowerment, digital health literacy and co-design in digital health, and the exploration of safety, ethics and equity in the digital health context.


Registration Details

Yes, there is a registration fee for Corporate and non-profit organisations.

The Corporate registration fee is 363 EUR (including 21% VAT) for all four days.

The Non-Profit Organisation registration fee is 121 EUR (including 21% VAT) for all four days.

Registration is FREE for EPF Members and their member organisations and patient advocates.

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The website you’re trying to visit is from the 2021 edition of the EPF Congress. To get informations for this year’s event please follow the right link below.